ON RAMP course – getting started with Crosstraining

What will you need? To be eager to move, a pair of trainers, a T-shirt, and a pair of shorts.

If you have no experience with Crosstraining, you must first complete an ON RAMP course. Without it we will not let you attend the Cross classes. It's for your safety – we want to teach you to train properly first, so that you don't hurt yourself unnecessarily and so you can make the most of it for yourself. Besides you get learn how to train using an olympic bar, the basics of weightlifting, as well as the basics of gymnastics and how to proprerly exercise with Kettlebell. The course can be completed individually, also in the group.

Choose the suitable form for you

ON RAMP class

The group ON RAMP course takes the form of a one-day, five-hour seminar. You will receive a jump rope, a diary, a bracelet and an identification tag. The course takes place on four dates in 2024: January 7, April 7, July 7 and October 6. It always starts at 12 pm and ends at 5 pm (5 hours in total). Reservation required.

Course price: CZK 1,610

ON RAMP course

A personal and individual approach designed specifically for you to introduce you to Crosstraining and teach you the correct technique and execution of individual exercises. The course is led by an experienced trainer. Event time according to your preferences.

Course price: By agreement according to the trainer's choice

The starterpack’s content

NewPark bracelet

Identification tag

Jump rope

Training diary

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