Our coaches are your friends too

They are certified and regularly go on specialized courses

Experts in weightlifting, functional exercise, fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, sports massage… Choose who is best for you according to their specialization.

They succeed at competitions

Our trainers regularly take part in crosstraining, weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions, and sometimes also take a demanding outdoor run for survival. They will help you get into racing form.

They have people skills

Do you need someone to really encourage you during exercise? Or do you prefer a calmer approach? A good coach is also a bit of a psychologist and they will know what applies to you.

Meet our coaches

Martin Frankl

Martin is a certified coach. He specializes in fitness and functional exercises - contact him if you want to improve your fitness, have a sedentary job and your back hurts, or you want to learn more about sports and its impact on health. He will also help you as a nutritionist. He works in New Park as a head coach and manager.

Matěj Smetana

When Matěj was 5 years old and he grabbed a tennis rocket for the first time he immediately knew that sport will be a great part of his life.It was only a small step from being a player to becoming a trainer. He is now studying sport technologies on VUT and applying for Master’s degree in fitness training on Masaryk University in Brno. He is a holder of a fitness instructor certificate already. Strength, speed, and coordination are key features in modern sport, that’s why he targets mainly these in his trainings. He also like to work with children - from small kids to juniors.

Jiří Zábojník

Jirka studied at a sport school in England and now he is getting his master's degree as a fitness trainer on Masaryk university.  He combines exercising, nutrition and recovery process in his approach. In his workout he focuses not only on strength but also on body-weight exercises. Fully functional body ready to every situation is his goal. He likes to work with people who want to make some progress and work on themselves in the long run.

Martin Otipka

He started doing sports when he was 7 years a old, particularly ice-hockey and he even played in the highest junior league. He graduated in fitness training at faculty of sports. He trains and compete in CrossFit. He also works as a fitness coach for FC Zbrojovka Brno. With his clients he focus not only on strength abilities but also on fitness in general. He worked in HC Sparta A-team where he was helping with off-season training.

Here are some of his achievements

  • vice-champion of Czech Republic in junior ice-hockey extraleague
  • 2nd place Capsicolle games in Havířov 2019, category advance
  • 1st place SvarExpert games Havířov 2020, team category
  • 5th place Bcross Challenge - Big summer games 2020, Elite category

Rosťa Žiška

Sport is a part of Rosta’s life since childhood, he competed in baseball in Brno Dragons team. During high school he represented in athletics and strength triathlon. After high school he started competing in bodybuilding and working as life guard and fitness trainer. After certification he started coaching Aqua fitness, massaging, and personal training became his full-time job. He is also a lector in Vital institute where he trains not only new new fitness trainers but also rehabilitation and functional coaches. He loves working with people and the results from the work well done drives him forward. He keeps studying new things especially in pelvic floor area, core and he also helps fresh moms to get back in shape.

Vojtěch Nádeníček

Vojta competes in bodybuilding and focuses on reducing fat and gaining muscle mass. He used to play competitive basketball, do gymnastics, athletics and judo. He has been a certified fitness instructor since 2017. He will help you put together a training and nutrition plan so that you can strengthen and "get big" as best and as quickly as possible.

Honza Klečka

Exercising is a part of Honza’s life since high school and it gradually becomes his life style. He competes in natural bodybuilding and he helps his clients to engage more movement, right and maintainable eating habits and enough rest in their lives. If you want to feel better in your body and achieve permanent results, Honza is your guy.

Adam Mičkal

Adam is currently studying for a follow-up master's degree in Applied Kinesiology at the Faculty of Sports Studies. He is dedicated to CrossFit, weightlifting, and other branches of fitness training. You can find him at NewPark Gym doing group classes or personal training.

Kateřina Zobačová

Kačka is a follow-up master's student at the Faculty of Sports Studies of Masaryk University. Despite a long dancing history, she got into CrossFit, which she is currently doing. You can meet her at fitness or cross-training classes.

Aneta Kotoulová

Anet has been dancing competitively for 15 years, and a knee injury led her to fitness, after which she had to start strengthening her weak leg. She then stayed with fitness and has been doing it for several years. She guides you both through strength training and the basics of calisthenics. You can also meet her at indoor lessons.

Jan Fobl

Honza grew up in Austria, thanks to which he can communicate in German and English. As a veteran of competitive bodybuilding, he focuses on reducing fat, strengthening and shaping the figure, and preparing male and female competitors for fitness competitions. Honza also holds the professional title of Ifbb Elite Pro.

His results:

  • 1st at GP Brno 2015
  • 1st at Smartlabs Cup 2016
  • 1st at Diamond Cup Katowice 2018
  • 3rd at Diamond Cup Rome 2018
  • 3rd at Fitness Mania Kladno 2018
  • 3rd at Arnold Classic Santa Susanna 2019
  • 2nd at Fitness Mania Kladno 2019
  • 1st at European Cup Sibiu 2020
  • 2nd at Arnold Classic Seville 2020
  • 1st at Diamond Cup Prague 2020

Míša Filková

Míša devoted herself to athletics for 10 years and then switched to fitness, which she continues to do today. Now she intends to compete in bikini fitness. She helps clients with back pain, strength, or functional training; you can also see her in classes.

Anita Dervišič

Anita is an active person and loves sports. She used to do aerobics and dancing. Now she is dedicated to fitness and football; she works as a functional coach for teenagers. She works with a physiotherapist and performs sports massages. She takes care of both athletes and everyone who enjoys movement.

Otakar Káňa

He has been involved in sports since he was a child. He started with tennis, then tried badminton and swimming. At 16, he fell in love with bodybuilding, which accompanies him to this day. He loves exercise and a healthy lifestyle. He tries to constantly educate and improve himself to provide his clients with the most comprehensive service possible. He loves working with people, whether it's gaining muscle or reducing, helping them achieve their goals and dream figure.

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