Functional Zone

Our functional zone is a completely new space with an area of 800 m². We have plenty of crosstraining experience, we have been teaching it in Brno since 2014. In the zone you will find everything you need for functional training – a cage, weightlifting stations, tires, space for sled towing, GHD, slamball, heavy chains, gymnastics space, strongmen equipment and much more. There floor is modified so that the Olympic axes can be dropped freely onto the ground.


Crosstraining is a strength training that prepares you for any physical challenge. You will weightlift, practice gymnastics, run, row and do many other sports activities.

ON RAMP Course

A comprehensive system that will guide you through the basic movements and exercises you will encounter in Cross.


Lessons focused exclusively on weightlifting and strength training for those who are not afraid of improving their techniques and fighting higher goals.


Do you want to sweat, breathe, and have a little fun? At fitness classes, you will encounter different workouts, thanks to which running to catch the tram will no longer be a problem. And you don't have to worry; you certainly won't have to run for an hour on the treadmill.

See where to find the functional zone

Plán funkční zóny

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Choose a lesson, you are interested in and book it. We accept benefits – Active Pass, Edenred, Sodexo, Benefit plus. The entrance fee includes access to the fitness center. Order coaching services and nutritional counselling in person or at and 607 025 595.

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