Bageterie Boulevard is a trendy, dynamically developing concept of fast food restaurants with French charm. We are true specialists when it comes to crispy baguettes filled with unique and, most importantly, high quality fillings,  always baked on the spot and prepared fresh to order.Look forward to a special seasonal menu as well, created for BB by the most renowned chefs and new edition comes out every three months. Apart from baguettes, we also offer genuine soups, sophisticated desserts, pastries, yoghurts, fresh vegetable and fruit salads or a special rich breakfast menu. Wash the fabulous meal down with our home-made ice tea, fruit smoothie or a hot ginger tea with mint, chocolate with chilli or spiced pear.Bageterie Boulevard is a restaurant designed for busy urban people who will not accept compromises, despite being in a hurry. For people who want to enjoy a well-balanced, good and healthy product in an inspiring environment.


Fitness Institute is a modern educational facility providing accredited courses at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the largest Moravian city of Brno - Fitness Institute Brno. "We are leading modern fitness, healthy lifestyle, and this wonderful combination is also included in our activities - accredited MEYS courses, nutrition counseling, seminars and practical workshops, which we are organizing in Prague and Brno, all with the personal but professional approach of our lecturers. "

Espace Retail

Espace Retail was founded in 2014 to build a network of brand stores with a focus on sports, outdoor and urban fashion. Official dealer of Under Armour, Puma, The North Face, Vans and more. It offers a lot of goods focused on collective, individual sports and also leisure time.


The establishment of Selltime s.r.o., which has been officially managing the Aktin project since the beginning, dates back to March 2011. Aktin has lived through the magazine since its inception and did not wait long. The hunger for our articles was enormous, and the traffic grew. Aktin now sponsors dozens of athletes and active lifestyle personalities. We record videos every month, take photos, write, handle orders, test new products, negotiate samples and competitions for you. Every day we care about the operation of the whole project and last but not least its development. All this activity enormously enjoys all of us and we firmly believe that we will soon be the best with your essential help.


Diet is the foundation

Eat regularly… and especially eat!

To change your body for the better, whether to lose weight or gain muscle, everyone will tell you that you have to start in the kitchen. Even the ratio is that 80% of the kitchen work needs to be done to change the character and only 20% movement.

By following these healthy eating rules, you will not only improve your health, but also feel much better mentally.


The idea of having a men’s bespoke tailors first appeared in the mind of a young gentleman who   had for a long time searched in vain for a shirt which would perfectly fit him. He decided     therefore to start offering tailor made shirts for people for those in the same situation, ill served by the gentleman’s outfitters of the time. The enthusiastic response of his customers inspired the young entrepreneur to widen the services he offered to include tailor made suits, which until then many Czech men had only been able to dream of. The next step was to increase the range of products with high quality handmade shoes and tasteful gentleman’s accessories. We have now been operating as leading tailors for 5 years and we owe our success to our belief in honesty and hard work


FINO is a construction company that focuses on the construction of houses, industrial buildings and the production of concrete products. FINO TRADE's construction division specializes in the construction of residential real estate in the middle and upper segment, as well as in the construction of commercial real estate. You can also visit Penzion FINO Club in Modřice u Brna. The guesthouse offers a restaurant with excellent cuisine, sports facilities, a sauna and much more.

KLVAŇA – interior

We specialize mainly in the services of interior designers, realization of complete interiors, reconstruction of sanitary units and interiors, custom furniture production. You can use the services offered individually or connect the services to one complete unit. The goal is full control over the order process with minimum investor concerns.


Sophisticated fitness management software and other sports centers. The comprehensive CLUBSPIRE booking system ensures that your business works efficiently in all aspects, be it traffic control, member account management, or marketing. Get to know the original solution that will be tailored to your needs. Without compromise!

Nejlepší Masáž

Tantric massage

Sensual massages, where the whole body is massaged, including intimate parts. The whole concept of massage is performed in such a way that one is completely relaxed and gets into a meditative state of consciousness.


Sensual, very relaxing full body massage that does not include intimate body massage. This massage is suitable as a cautious entry into tantra massage. It includes pleasant anti-stress head massage, pleasant stroking of the whole body with gentle touches of fingers, fur, feather and other aids.

Bead Baths

Enjoy the right rest in our hot tub. Pleasantly warms the body, relaxes strained muscles and sore joints, relieves stress, helps to healthy blood circulation throughout the body and to sleep peacefully.

Aqualand Moravia

Aqualand Moravia is the most modern and largest water park in the Czech Republic. Children and adults can enjoy 20 indoor and outdoor water slides with a total length of more than 1.7 km. Aqualand Moravia also offers unique outdoor attractions Abbys and Boomerango for up to 3 seats water rafts. There are, among others, the popular water slides U-Wave, Supercrater, Wild River or Yellow Crash that are open all year. Childrens´ pools and slides are designated for kids. They can also enjoy the pool with attractions as jumping device, climbing web over the water, bubble maker or water-shoots. Aqualand has a total of 12 pools with a water surface of 3000 m2. Some pools are filled with thermal water from a local source. An extensive wellness area Forum Roman with sun and Roman baths, Imperium Restaurant and Coffeeland or 7D cinema next to the cash desk are available for visitors. Guests can also accommodate in Aqualand Inn hotel, that can be found a few steps from the water park.

Mráz léčí

Thanks to modern technologies and scientific knowledge we have for you an effective solution for regeneration and rehabilitation - cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Cryotherapy Effects:

- Speeds up regeneration
- Rejuvenates the skin
- Strengthens immunity
- It helps weight loss
- Positively affects the psyche
- Helps with pain


The CONIFIT cross sports surface is a product of INTERTECH PLUS, which has worked on its development with experts from the fields of fitness, martial arts, etc. This surface is characterized by high resistance to extreme stress during strength training, including dumbbell falls, while providing the exercisers with a comfortable surface. which is gentle on the joint apparatus.

Vital Institut

Our educational institute is comprehensively focused on a healthy lifestyle and its natural interconnection with everyday life. We have a team of experienced professionals who are ready to professionally guide our clients on the road to a more satisfied, balanced and vital life in perfect condition and solid health.